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buy hippie crasher onlineThe smell on these are crazy Banana cake, Peach Rings and dryer sheets.

Wedding Crasher x Kush Mints = Hippie Crasher the smell on these are crazy Banana cake,Rivaling the Sunset Octane #5,

this game-changing cultivar was one of my favorites of what I ordered from @lakushklinic, and possibly some of the finest herb I’ve encountered thus far.

I’m an aroma/flavor guy, who also loves potent, fresh flower and this batch of Hippie Crasher gave me just that! With initial aromatic notes of cream, menthol, BOLD & gassy kush, tinged with a light, naturally sweet, spiced-berry essence.

The “cream-berry-gas” combo correlated with the exact taste when I pulled for a dry hit

The active smoke from the joint gave off a heavy fuel dominant taste, driven by the kushy, earthy elements. This fuel is sliced nicely with the gentle, yet apparent hint of a berry, grape-like fruit flavor.

This smell/flavor combo was another one of those profiles for the adept stoner who loves an intense Stoney, sedating, euphoric type high!

Buy Hippie Crasher (Wedding Crasher x Kush Mints) Visually, the aesthetics of the flowers speaks for itself. Stacked, dense nugs, that glistened with full, resinous trichomes, covering the coveted green-violet-purple hues.

literally! The high elevated in euphoria, but also in sedation, as I couldn’t do anything, but a journey through my own mind.

The smoke is expansive, clean, and intoxicating! I cannot say enough about this selection, I would recommend this to all connoisseurs, and flavor chasers as it checks out in smell/taste/potency/ +look! Once again,

Patients love this cross of AK-47 and Blue Satellite for its sweet smell and taste. Take this Hippie home and you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t worry, Hippie Crippler isn’t some strange affliction you may get from hanging around with flower children, it’s an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid.

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