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Buy mother of Berries online ( M.O.B ), is an indica strain that provides a deeply relaxing experience that transitions well into restful sleep. Carrying the legacy of its Blueberry parent, Mother of Berries lives up to its name with its unmistakable blueberry fragrance.

Buy mother of Berries or m.o.b , forĀ  Its chunky buds are wreathed in interweaving hues of purple and green,
which are obscured under a dense blanket of crystal trichomes. With effects that are more mellow than jarring..

Mother of Berries is suitable for both novice and seasoned consumers alike.

Mother of Berries (aka MOB) wins the title of 2nd Best Indica in the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Irun, Spain. Its THC content ranges at between 16% and 24%.

Mother of Berries stands out with eye-catching, well-formed flowers. These buds adhere in a tapered, pinecone-like formation. Their internal structure is characteristically indica, with compact, densely-packed leaves that curl tightly in war toward their central stems.

The leaves themselves are a patchwork of sage green and deep purple; these latter colors come about when cold weather in the late stages of plant growth activate pigments called anthocyanins. Finally, crystalline white tricho cap off these already-colorful flowers, giving them a white sheen.



Mother of Berries stands out for its signature aroma, which is fruity with very few traces of dankness. When properly cured, the flowers burst with the unmistakable scent of fresh blueberry. Hanging out underneath is a more mellow, musky smell like damp earth.

Buy mother of berries today and Cracking the dense nuggets opens yields a skunky, cheesy tang. When burnt, MOB burns with an uncommonly smooth and palatable smoke. On the exhale, this smoke carries a light and sweet berry flavor.

With pure indica genetics, Mother of Berries is a true creeper and may take as long as 15 minutes before fully revealing itself to smokers.
Eventually, it makes itself known with a slow warping of the senses; users describe an intensification of certain sounds, as well as odd visual distortions like a flattening of any depth or distance. Some also experience a powerful uncanny sense of time dilation.
Trippy sensations like these can be boosted even further by setting a spacey mood with atmospheric music or a slow, visually engaging movie.

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