Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks

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Cannabis Infused Honey typical user will want to start with 10-30 mg THC per serving. Always be cautious the first time you try eating your THC infused honey.



How to buy Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks online

Buy Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks Infused Honey will make 12 oz of marijuana honey, containing about 10 mg THC. Made from supercritical CO2 extract cannabis oil and clover honey. These are a great choice for a long lasting therapeutic effect, and are report to provide an uplifting, cerebral experience.

  • THC cannabis-infused honey are a sweet, medicated treat, available in a range of dosing levels.
  • A discrete way to medicate, infused honey can be easily added to tea, yogurt, or fruit, or simply enjoyed straight from the straw.

Our Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks are the perfect way to add wellness to your favorite drinks or snacks. We harvest raw honey from Cooper’s honey, located in Missouri. Honey has known to provide health benefits for centuries and acts as an effective carrier for our organic, terpene rich CBD oil. CBD Hemp Oil Honey serves as a natural source of protein, terpenes, flavonoids, B complex vitamins, magnesium, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, and E, without additives or preservatives. Each honey stick contains 10mg of Full-Spectrum CBD. Our honey sticks are a convenient way to get the benefits of CBD wherever you go!

What are CBD honey sticks?

Cannabis Infuse Honey Sticks is a natural sweetener infuse with hemp extract. The full-spectrum CBD hemp oil is extract from the hemp plant, then infuse into the honey. We then package our CBD honey into sticks for convenient use of one serving at a time. Edible products are many people’s favorite way to take CBD. Rather than using an oil tincture or water soluble product, edible products are a tastier way to consume CBD.

 How do you eat CBD honey sticks?

Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks honey sticks can be opened and mixed into tea or coffee or squeezed onto your favorite treat, but you can also squeeze them directly into your mouth. Any way you eat them, our CBD honey sticks are always a tasty treat and a great way to get the benefits of CBD.


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