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Buy Magnum Opus, Bred by Mandelbrot, Magnum Opus is a cross of Sour Diesel, Garberville Purple Kush, and Highland Afghani. Crushed grape, lavender, and an all-around diesel funk come with this high-potency strain that grows wonderfully in outdoor climates.

I’ve often railed against kratom extracts on this blog because I’m pretty paranoid where smoke shop brands are concerned. As some of you will remember, I’ve said that kratom extracts are unreliable because you never really know what you’re getting.

That was before I discovered Magnum Opus Botanicals, a company whose name goes far toward explaining the kind of products they produce. This Texas-based vendor has taken pains to bring extracts to market that are both pure and potent, driving consumer demand and raising standards industrywide.

Today we’ll break down what makes them special, what you can expect to pay and why people are praising their kratom extracts as some of the very best.


Operating out of Denison, TX in the heart of Grayson County, this vendor has left quite the impression on the kratom community with Magnum Opus Botanicals reviews going up on every forum from Double M Herbals and I Love Kratom to Reddit and beyond.

They have achieved this level of recognition thanks to their commitment to quality and strategic excellence. By employing research and development, including statistical analysis and laboratory testing, they have ensured that their in-house concoctions are certified and strong as all get out.

Utilizing certified food-grade solvents and reagents, this vendor yields extracts that are more powerful than just about any other kratom product around without relying on dangerous additives or fillers.


Magnum Opus currently stocks three kratom tinctures—Pure M. speciosa Alkaloid Extract, Liquid M. speciosa Extract and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da M. speciosa Kratom Leaf Extract. Combo samplers are also available for the curious consumer who wants to try out a bit of everything they have to offer.

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